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seasoned pros

our consultants specialize in health care

We come from some of the top companies in health care, with a strong history of performance.  We excel at delivering high-quality projects to give our clients a competitive advantage.  We specialize in medical device market research, market assessment and competitive analysis.

our strengths

efficiency and reliability

We want to help you accomplish more with less.  We are here for you when you're under pressing deadlines or when you need to produce more results with fewer resources.  You can feel confident that your project will be completed correctly, on time, and within budget.  

who we are

Cura Business Group, LLC is a privately owned consulting firm headquartered in Arlington, Texas. Founded by Sherlene Bagley, CBG offers marketing, product management, and business development services.  Ms. Bagley has 17 years experience in the medical device and biopharmaceuticals industry, specializing in wound management and skin care.  Prior to establishing Cura Business Group, Ms. Bagley held management positions at Smith & Nephew Advanced Wound Management, Healthpoint Biotherapeutics, Johnson & Johnson Wound Management, and Johnson & Johnson Medical.